So I must admit, that I finally joined the World Wide Web phenomenon of Twitter yesterday. I have heard for a while that it is a great networking tool, so I finally decided to give it a try. Now, of course I had to first find my roommates to follow them (they’d been at me for a while to join), but I also have been astounded at how quickly I found information!

Here are some great ways to enhance your tweeting experience!

1)      Follow businesses or professionals that interest you or that are related to your intended career field. Many companies will post the latest information about their new products, new business ventures or other info to keep you up-to-date on them. Some even post internships and full time job opportunities! This is a great way to see what’s happening at companies you are interviewing with and might connect with at the career fair- plus you’ll be able to show that you’ve done some preparation and have researched their company!

2) Read the articles that people you follow post, especially those companies and professionals you started following back in step one. These articles will let you know what is relevant, exciting, and important to these tweeters. Also, you could learn information that is important for your personal life. I started following @WSJcareers and their most recent tweets had been about careers in finance, an industry I’m looking to pursue a career in!

3) See who others are following. It’s a great way to make other connections and find other useful information.

4) Follow us @UGACareerCenter for career tips, reminders about upcoming events, and links to more information that will enhance your career development strategies. We even have lists already created of other excellent Tweeple (Twitter People) to follow!