As I finish up my final preparations for Wednesday’s Career Fair, I can’t help feeling as though I’m missing something. You know the awful, sinking feeling you get when you know you’re forgetting something? When I was younger, my family suffered from this quite a lot- so much so that we’d often to return home to retrieve forgotten items en route to a vacation or dinner party!  So, in hopes of keeping both you and me from having to return home on Wednesday I’ve made a list of the “3 Most Important Things” to Remember:

RESUME. This is the most important physical item you’ll bring to the Career Fair. The number of resumes to bring depends on the number of employers you have researched and plan on talking to. (I recommend bringing a minimum of 20.) Also, printing your resumes out on resume paper can add a nice touch of professionalism; however, nice paper will never substitute good content! If you’d like to have your resume looked over one last time, stop by the Career Center today or tomorrow to have it critiqued.

EMPLOYER RESEARCH. While UGA students are often well-qualified for jobs, our employers complain that we don’t do enough research on companies before speaking with them at the Career Fair. If you are hoping to make a good impression on the employers you meet with on Wednesday then DO YOUR HOMEWORK! A list of employers who are attending the Career Fair can be found on DAWGlink. Plan out who you want to talk to now, and learn as much as you can about the company before you meet them! Employers are impressed by students who are actually interested in the company- not just the job or internship!

PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE. Because of the formality of the Career Fair, you need to dress business professional. For ladies and gentlemen this means wearing a dark suit! Ladies, you have a bit more to work with as you can choose between pants or a skirt. Remember that chewing gum is a major whistle-blower and you only have once chance to make a first impression!

Also, carrying your resumes in a portfolio can ensure that your over-sized purse or crummy old folder won’t ruin your look. Most portfolios have room for a pen and paper as well- be sure to bring some to take notes about the employers you liked and those you didn’t. You’ll need to write thank you notes to all of them but it will help you to narrow down your prospective job choices later on!

While this list covers the basics, if you would like more information about preparing for the Career Fair and following up with employers afterwards, check out Gordon and Kristina’s blog series from last semester. As always, the CDI’s are here to answer any questions you have as well! Feel free to drop in our office at any time!