Interested in shadowing a professional company in your industry?  Want to learn more about Corporate, Non-Profit, and Government jobs?  Do you want to know if your career choice is right for you?  Then, YOU should come to an Intern For A Day information session!

Intern For A Day is a great way for you to get a taste of your future career.  Last semester, I participated in this program and absolutely loved it!  Not only did I get to visit a Grant Thornton office, but I also learned a lot about what it is that I will be doing as an accountant when I graduate.  In addition, I was able to network with the professionals at Grant Thornton.  During the day, I shadowed an alum of UGA, which was great! He gave me advice on what I should be doing now to get to where I need to be in the future.  I was able to experience the day-to-day lifestyle of an accountant, which is a lot cooler than it sounds!  The program is very flexible because you can intern on a day that both you and the employer will be available.  I am very grateful for this opportunity, and that is why I think YOU should also participate!

Here are the logistics on participating in the program:

1.       Come to an information session.  You can pick the one that works best for you:

  • Wednesday, September 29th 4:00-5:00 in MLC 150
  • Thursday, September 30th 4:00-5:00 in MLC 150
  • Monday, October 4th 4:00-5:00 in MLC 150
  • Tuesday, October 5th 4:00-5:00 in MLC 150

The information sessions will provide an overview of the program and help answer any questions that you may have.  You have to attend ONE session to be able to participate in the program.

2.       Apply for the program. After receiving details during the orientation session, you can apply by visiting the Intern For A Day website. You’ll have the chance to select a few companies you would like to be partnered with. While you’re not guaranteed to get placed with one

3.       Contact your employer. If and when you are selected for Intern For A Day, you will want to contact your host organization as soon as possible to begin setting up your day! Employers are extremely busy so the sooner you can get on their calendar, the better!

A few things you need to find out during your call:

  • Date/time of internship
  • Appropriate attire
  • Driving directions

4.       Research the company! This is a skill that is vital in any interview, internship, or job opportunity you will have for the rest of your life- Learn about the company before you go! Employers are pleased when they see potential job applicants showing knowledge and interest in their company. So, learn all you can about the company before spending an entire day with them!

5. HAVE FUN! Enjoy your internship! Remember that you are representing the University of Georgia, so make us proud! Make sure to send thank you letters once you have gone to your visit!

Watch this video for more information about the program!