Ahhh, the lines are packed at the bookstore, students are cramming onto Milledge and Orbit buses, girls in white dresses are running down the steps at Tate, the smell of East Campus is in the air. It must mean one thing: classes are in session at the University of Georgia!

Along with the buses and the bookstores, the Career Center is experiencing it’s fair share of traffic this week, too. While the Career Consultants have been taking appointments all summer, this is the first week that their schedules consist mainly of student appointments. “I’m excited to see students planning early to take advantage of and to learn about opportunities for internships and how to figure out how to spend their time this year” says Nikki Smith, the Career Consultant for Undecided and Fine Art students. Nikki, along with the rest of the Career Center staff, has been busy planning all of the Career-related programs that will be happening this year.

I can understand how most of you would shrug off the Career Center this early into the school year. You’re busy with drop/add, meeting new hall mates, trying to find clubs and organizations to get involved in, adjusting to your classes…the list goes on. But, if you wait to set up an appointment with your Career Consultant the week before the Fall Career Fair, you may have a difficult time getting on a Career Consultant’s calendar because they are very popular this time of year . Whether you are a first-year student just getting situated on campus, or a fifth-year senior taking their victory lap, there is something for you this semester at the Career Center. Never been to the Career Center? That’s alright. Here are some good ways to get started:

(1)    Set up an appointment with your Career Consultant. Yes, I know I already said it, but it needs repeating. Now is the time to set up a meeting, even if you don’t know what you want to talk about. You can explore jobs options, have your resume critiqued or have a mock interview. Chances are, by the time the meeting comes around, you’ll have some more ideas. Are you hesitant to meet with your Career Consultant because you aren’t sure of your major yet? That’s alright! There is a Career Consultant on staff to go through your options and help you pick a major that’s right for you.

(2)    Get your LinkedIn profile updated. Super important. Many recruiters use this as a tool for hiring on campus, and it would pay to be ahead of the game in the social networking category. Go ahead and upload your most recent resume and get your supervisors/bosses to leave you some recommendations. Also, join the UGA Alumni network (it’s okay if you’re not an alum yet!). Can’t figure out LinkedIn? Check out this previous blog about how to get noticed.

(3)    Résumé. Résumé. Résumé. Need I say more? My guess is many of you are coming back from your summer jobs or internships and are jumping right back into your clubs and organizations on campus. Go ahead and update your résumé, then bring it by our Walk-In hours any day of the week (Walk-In hours have moved to 12 PM to 2 PM). Going by Walk-In hours before seeing your Career Consultant is a great way to prepare for your meeting.

(4)    Get Connected! Be sure to check out some of our events happening these first two months.

First and Second-years should definitely check out these events/programs:

Choosing a Major:
August 25th 4-5 PM    MLC 150

Resume Workshop:
September 8th 11:15 – 12:05 and 3:35 – 4:25 MLC 250

How to choose a Major and What to do with your Major:
September 29th 6 -7 PM Creswell Hall

Orientation Dates: September 29th and 30th 4- 5PM MLC 150

Interview Workshop:
October 6th 11:15 – 12:05 and 3:35 – 4:25 MLC 250

Third and Fourth-years can look forward to these events/programs:

Get into Grad School Workshop Series:
September 8th 1 – 2 PM, 2 – 3 PM, 3 – 4 PM Tate Grand Hall

Prepare for Career Fair Workshop:
September 16th 6 – 7 PM MLC 250

Business and Dining Etiquette Dinner:
September 21st 5 – 8PM Classic Center

Career Fair:
September 22nd 12 – 5 PM Classic Center