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Okay I know what you are thinking, is this another forum speculating the finale of LOST? Do not worry there is not going to be any speculation or spoilers. But now that I have your attention I can talk to you about the Career Center. Throughout your time here at the University you will undoubtably begin to question what it is you are passionate about, and what you want to do for the rest of your life. We have all been there, I know I have.  During your first winter break you will be so excited to be spending time with your family.  Then you start getting the life questions. So what are you majoring in? What do you want to do with that? Are you going to go to grad school? Why don’t you major in (insert major) and become a (insert career). WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Okay maybe I was exaggerating a bit with the last quesiton, but you can see where I am coming from.

Now I know that some of you have pretty much figured out what you want to do and you have a plan. If you do have a plan you should make an appointment with your Career Consultant and they can help you solidify your plans for the next four years and beyond. If however you are like me and were not sure what you wanted to do with your life, the Career Center can help you answer these questions. I know that I changed my major at least once a month as a sophomore and that is okay. If you are Feeling LOST, then come to the Career Center! Your major specific Career Consultant can help you get a plan. Undecided? There is also a Career Consultant for you too. 

Regardless of what year you are, Freshmen or Senior, it is not too late or too early to get to the Career Center and make an appointment. Ease the stress and anxiety that comes with planning a career and take it one step at a time.

To schedule an appointment call (706) 542-3375 or stop by in person to Clark Howell Hall, the Career Center is located on the second floor.