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It has been awhile since I thought about Teach for America, and as I sit down to write this blog entry, I am reminded of how I felt after I was rejected from TFA. I remember being disappointed in myself and wanting to know why it was that I was not accepted into the program. The biggest thing about being rejected from TFA was not being able to answer the million dollar question, WHY? It has been a question that has been on my mind ever since January.

As I have been contemplating this question, I applied to two service programs that I was really interested in, one more than the other. The one program that I was very excited to apply to was City Year in Seattle, Washington. I actually learned about City Year during the Spring Career Fair, which is funny to me because I went to the Career Fair thinking that I was not really going to walk around because I was not interested in any of the programs or job opportunities. It was actually my supervisor who told me about City Year, and that I should check them out.  After I spoke with the representative from City Year I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for: helping students in the classroom and as an added bonus completing side projects to help rebuild the community. I was sold! I decided to apply to the program in Seattle because I wanted to make a big move. The application was due in two weeks, so I scrambled to get my recommendations, essays, resume, and personal statement together.

After I applied, I completed an initial phone interview with a representative from City Year and I found myself very relaxed and even more excited about the program! I was recommended for the final interview in two weeks with another representative from the Seattle Corps. It seemed that finally things were going well for me again and I was thinking less and less about TFA.

Of course I could not just sit around and wait for the second round interview, because I know from experience that I need a back up plan.  I began looking for AmeriCorps programs and I found a program in Colorado. It was a program that I was interested in, but I was really more excited about the Seattle program.  I just did not want to say it out loud because I did not want to get my hopes up if I did not get accepted into the program. I began to apply to the Denver program and completed my second round interview with City Year. I was on the phone with the interviewer for about an hour. It was the easiest, most relaxed, and most excited that I have ever been while in an interview. I could not wait to hear back from them after Spring Break, but I was still a little nervous because it was like TFA all over again. I participated in the full day interview for TFA before winter break and would hear back from when we returned from the break in January–it was déjà vu and I did not want to get bad news again!

But as luck would have it there was only good news to be heard. On the Monday after Spring Break I received a call from City Year letting me know that I was invited to participate in the 2010-2011 City Year Corps in Seattle, Washington. As I was talking with Clanic over the phone I knew that I would be accepting the position and that this time next year I would be living in Seattle! Today I officially sent in my acceptance and could not be happier with the way that things have turned out, which brings me back to my question of “Why did TFA not work out?” I can finally answer that question. The reason why it did not work out was because it was just not meant to be. You were probably expecting to hear something more profound, but nope. There it is. It is that simple. It just was not meant to be. Sometimes you think that you know where it is that you should end up or what is best for you, but maybe, just maybe there is another opportunity that has not presented itself and that could be close to perfect.