Many of you reading this blog either (a) know one or more of the CDIs, (b) frequent the Career Center, or (c) are looking to apply to the CDI program. I’m sure many of you out there are wondering “What exactly do you do?” Excellent question! I’ll do my best to answer it by giving you a sneak peak in the work week of a CDI…

Monday: On Mondays and Wednesday, I work from 10 AM to 12 30 PM so I have a good bit of time to get some work done. As of now, I’m in the midst of planning my spring project (The Freshman Fifteen Program). Right now in my planning stages I’m getting t-shirts designed, so I spent a good portion of my day talking with the graphic design student workers and reviewing, editing, and brainstorming ideas. After I expressed my ideas to the graphic designers, I began work on recruitment materials for the 2010-2011 CDI program. I didn’t get quite finished before lunch, but I work from 2:30 to 4:30, so I finished it up when I came back. Also, Mondays is the day the five CDIs and our supervisor get together for our weekly meeting and discuss each other’s projects, news around the office, how our weekends went, and other Career Center events.

Tuesday: Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don’t have as much time at work as I would like due to my class schedule. I only have an hour and a half to get everything done, so sometimes I end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This particular Tuesday consisted of me planning locations and getting materials together for the Freshman Fifteen program. I also met with the director of the Career Center, Scott Williams, to set up an official meeting about the program.

Wednesday: I came into the office on Wednesday to find an e-mail from the graphic designers who had finished their designs for the t-shirt, so I fiddled around with the images until I had them exactly the way I wanted (I’m a bit of a perfectionist). By then, 11 AM had rolled around and Walk-Ins started to arrive. This particular Wednesday I helped 3 students, but it can be anywhere from 1 to 6 on any given day. In between walk-ins I began calling t-shirt vendors trying to get the cheapest shirts I could. The last 30 minutes of my day at Clark Howell consisted of me meeting with my mentor, Nikki Smith. We talked mainly about the Freshman Fifteen program (Nikki works with first-years a lot), but we laugh and joke and cut up, too. No day at Clark Howell is without a good laugh and lots of smiles.

Thursday: Thursdays, much like Tuesdays, can be a little hectic since I don’t have a lot of time. I used the majority of that time to plan for my meeting with Scott, the Director, and a meeting with the group helping me with the Freshman Fifteen program. My program isn’t until March 24th, but everyone’s schedules are always booked you have to schedule things way in advance and make sure everyone involved knows what’s going on. We like to keep things running smooth and preparation and planning in advance makes that happen.

Friday: Normally, I don’t come in on Fridays, but this week I decided to come in on my day off because Scott’s schedule was so booked. I met with Scott for about 30 minutes and we went over logistics for the program: budget, attendance, publicity, staff, etc. Turns out we didn’t have the budget I had originally hoped for, so I added a budget re-evaluation to my agenda for next week. I’m not worried though – as CDIs we do a lot of work all over the place and are asked to do some pretty big things, but the Career Center and its staff always pulls through.

Want to be a 2010-2011 CDI?? Download an application at http://www.career.uga.edu/STUDENTS/cdi.html and e-mail it, your cover letter, and your resume to cdi@uga.edu by FRIDAY at 5:00! We look forward to reviewing your applications!