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Marian Higgins is the Career Consultant for students in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in History and got her Master of Science in Counseling at the University of Memphis. Currently, she is working part-time to complete her PhD in Student Affairs Administration. Marian has been a part of the UGA Career Center since 2004.

How did you get into career services?

My first job out of college was a Career Counselor over at Arkansas State University. After working there for awhile, my supervisor encouraged me to continue on the career counseling path. With this encouragement and my desire to help students, I decided to take a Career Counseling graduate course and I eventually found myself interested in career counseling and here I am!

Where is your favorite place to go in Athens?

I love La Parilla!! The food is so great. I like to go with my family or friends for lunch or dinner. I especially love date nights to La Parilla with my husband!

What is something unique about you?

I have a love for the arts.  When I was growing up, I played the flute and the piano and sang in church choirs.  During college, I became interested in theater and actually auditioned for a play.   Although I wasn’t cast for that particular play, one of the directors was impressed with me and decided to write a play in which I would be casted for a lead part.  I was thrilled that the director was interested in casting me, however, I had to turn down the role in order to focus on my senior essay.  Needless to say, I still have a heart for theater, dance and music.  I enjoy sharing these moments with my family.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever been given?

The best career advice that I have been given is to always be networking. Not only is it important to network yourself, it is just as important to watch other people network, whether it be family members or networking in a professional manner. It is important to develop professional contacts, even when you may not be currently looking for a job or new position.

What was your first part-time job?

My first job was a Birthday Party Hostess for McDonalds over on the East Side.

What did you want to be when you “grew up?”

When I grew up I wanted to be a teacher. I would come home from elementary school every day with the student and teacher workbook and play school with my family. I was always the teacher.

Why do the CDI’s love Marian?

“Marian is such a sweetheart; she is like a mother figure to us. No matter how busy her schedule gets (trust me it gets busy), she always makes it a point to say hello and ask us how our days were. If you ever get the chance to sit down and have a conversation with Marian, you will realize how sweet and caring she is. I remember the first time I talked to her; it was my first year as a CDI. I walked by to say hello and she invited me in to chat and we ended up talking for about 20 minutes. Not only is she a great listener, she is also a great person to go to when you need ideas. Although she may be busy with a family, a full-time job at the Career Center, and getting her PhD, you will still see her bright smile as she walks down the halls of Clarke Howell Hall!” -Nichole