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Coming to the Career Center for the first time can seem pretty daunting, especially if you are just a freshman. My first visit to the Career Center came about when I attended a blue card event that happened to be about the intern for a day program, which the Career Center puts on every semester. After attending this event I was really excited and eager to apply to the program and I realized that I needed to get started on my resume. After working on my resume, I made an appointment with my Career Consultant to look over it and talk about how to get internships or job shadowing.

At the time I was pre-med and unsure how to gain experience in a medical professional field.  After the meeting I was comfortable and excited to embark on journey of becoming a physician. I was so excited that I began to tell all of my fellow science major friends that they should definitely make an appointment at the Career Center. To my surprise a lot of them explained to me that the Career Center was just for business majors. I was shocked after having been to the Career Center and received so much assistance.

I have spent the last four years trying to convince my friends and classmates that the Career Center does indeed have a lot to offer for Science majors, even those who are pre-med, pre-vet, pre-nursing or pre-pharmacy. I think this attitude stems from the fact that most of these pre-professional programs have advisors that one can speak to. This is not the say that the advisors are not helpful–I have personally met with the pre-med advisor and he is really helpful. From my point of view I think his area of expertise would be what classes to take in regards to what field of health you are most interested, what types of recommendations will be the most beneficial to you, what student organizations you may want to be involved in, and what is going to be expected of you in regards to academics. The Career Center’s area of expertise is just as important as meeting with a pre-professional advisor. It completes the package and gets you one step closer to achieving your goal in a professional career. Listed below are some of the services that the Career Center provides that will be helpful for science majors.

Career Fairs and events:

Every year the Career center puts on multiple Career Fairs, including the South Campus Career and Internship expo each Spring, which recruits students in agriculture, environmental sciences, and other related majors. This year’s South Campus Career Fair is taking place today February 16 at the Tate Grand Hall from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Be sure to stop by if you are looking for experience in research labs or a full time position in agricultural/environmental science.  The major career fair takes other pharmaceutical and medical sales positions, which can be an alternative or back up plan.

The Career Center also hosts events such as Careers in Nursing, a Food Science Panel, and many other science-related events. Check the upcoming Career Center events page to find more events; this is updated daily.

Helpful tips on Resumes/ Cover letters/ Letter of Intents/ Personal Statements

All of these things are either required or helpful when applying to professional schools, research positions, or graduate schools. By making an appointment with a Career Consultant, you can get helpful tips on how to write an awesome resume or cover letter and it is always helpful to have one more person read over your letter of intent or personal statement. Career Consultants are specifically trained to critique these things, so why not take advantage of someone who has lots of experience in this area.

Mock Interview/ Phone Interview

Whether you are going into a professional school, graduate school, or trying to obtain a full time job, it is absolutely imperative that you are comfortable in an interview whether it be in person or over the phone. We all know that how well you are perceived plays a big role in getting the job or into medical school. Doing several mock interviews will allow you to become comfortable in an interview setting; Chuck Perry, the Career Consultant for all the Hard Sciences/ Pre-professional programs, has great experience in the types of questions asked in medical, dental, etc. interviews, so it would be very helpful to see him once, twice, or basically until you are comfortable.

Networking/ Informational interviews

Are you unsure of how to build rapport with doctors in order to obtain shadowing experience or conduct an informational interview? The Career Center can give you tips on how to network with professional persons, because as we all know it can be kind of intimidating. After coming to the Career Center you will find yourself speaking to important people with the level of confidence that will allow you to gain their respect and hopefully you will be given the chance to gain more experience into your respective job settings.

Backup plans

Everyone has their dream job, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. In order to be prepared for whatever may come, it is important to have a backup plan that can include going to graduate school, a gap year program, or finding a full time job while you save up for professional school.  Any of these options need planning and a career consultant can help you decide what it is you may want to do and help create said plan. The sooner you can get to the Career Center, the better, because having four years before you graduate is better than coming four months before graduation (believe me it happens and you do not want to be in that situation).

So please make an appointment by calling the Career Center at 706- 542-3375. You will not regret it!

DO NOT MISS OUT on the South Campus Career and Internship Expo Today February 16 at the Tate Grand Hall from 11:00am to 3:00pm!