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Tracey and I

Tracey Dowling has been with the UGA Career Center for 4.5 years and has been in Career Services for 8 years. She began college at Ole Miss, then transferred and got her undergraduate degree from Valdosta State University, then attended Florida State to get her graduate degree. At UGA, Tracey works with Marketing, Real Estate, Risk Management & Insurance, and Masters of Marketing Research students. Around the Career Center, Tracey is known for her bubbly personality, constant creativity, and compassion. Tracey is also the supervisor of the CDI team at the Career Center!

How did you get into Career Services?

When interviewing for my graduate assistantship in Student Affairs, I knew I either wanted to work in Orientation or Greek Life. But then I realized that there would be no summer vacation with orientation and there were too many night events, risk management, and damage control working with Greek Life. So I took event planning as my assistantship, and was pretty bummed. Even though I was working multiple jobs during this time, I wanted to pick up some more work for extra money, and my program offered the opportunity to teach a Career Services class at Florida State with a team of teachers. I ended up being really good at it and the Director offered me a 2nd assistantship in Career Services! I’ve been working with Career Services ever since.

Where is your favorite place to go in Athens?

Can I pick two places? In the Winter, my favorite place is the leather couch in front of the fireplace at Aromas. It is the most relaxing place to be! In the Spring, I love walking on the Athens Greenway, especially under the railroad trestle. It is so beautiful!

What is something unique about you?

I am the only child of only children! Also, once I got rear-ended in my car 3 times in 3 weeks. Oh, and I love to go to the Golden Dragon for their chinese food buffet with Erica and Ellen at least once a week–let me know if you’d ever like to join!

What is the best career advice you’ve ever been given?

Always answer questions with questions. I literally do an informational interview with everyone I meet, and I think that is great advice.

What was your first part-time job?

I was a Snack Bar Operator at Sherwood Forest Family Golf & Fun Center in Conyers, GA when I was 15! I was the best Snack Bar Operator ever. Everyone knew when I was working, because I would play the Dave Matthews Band album on the Jukebox at least 4 times during every shift! That was the summer I discovered DMB.

And what do the CDIs love about Tracey?

At this year's CDI Christmas party

“We like to call Tracey the “Tim Gunn” of the CDI program because she is our go-to person to bounce ideas off of. She’s always asking us questions and offering suggestions and telling us to “make it work!” As a Marketing major and a 2nd-year CDI, Tracey has been an amazing mentor to me, and I know she has been a mentor to all of the CDIs! I don’t know what we’d do without her constant encouragement and support! And of course her quirky sense of humor!” –Kristina

This is the first in the series, Career Consultant Spotlight. Tune in every Friday to learn more about all of the consultants!