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Okay, so, the Career Fair is over. You rocked it. You did your research, spoke with all of the employers that interested you, asked your position-specific questions, and collected any relevant information the recruiters had for you. The question now is, Now What??

Send a follow-up/Thank You note within 24-48 hours. Yes, this means now. If you collected business cards or contact information from the recruiters you spoke with, send them a quick e-mail thanking them for your time and re-expressing your interest. These recruiters talk to hundreds of students and it can be really difficult to stand out in these situations. Taking the time to follow-up with a personal note can only help you set yourself apart.

So you might be asking yourself, “What do I say?” That’s up to you, but remember to keep it short and sweet and personalize your message if you can. Something like, “I really enjoyed our conversation about xyz and I really appreciate you giving your insight on blahblahblah” may help a recruiter remember you specifically and help them make a more personal contact. Also be sure to include a genuine thank you in your message, and include any questions you may still have about the position, the recruitment process, etc. This is your chance to reiterate your interest in the position and the company–go for it!

Next steps. Hopefully you determined what the next steps are in the employers’ recruitment processes. If a recruiter directed you to their corporate website or to their job listing on DAWGlink, make sure you submit your resume and application through those channels. If an employer mentioned information sessions or on-campus interviews, be sure to find out when those dates are so you can go ahead and set time aside in your planner (you can find this info on DAWGlink).

Relax. The Career Fair can be a whirlwind; a combination of nerves, some awkward situations, and information overload can really wear you down. Take the time now to collect yourself and relax a little. You took a great step in your job-search process! If you haven’t already, make time over the next few days to sit down with the information you collected yesterday and figure out what companies and positions you’re really attracted to, then go for it!

For more information, check out this great video on the Career Center Website. Scroll down towards the bottom and click on “The Thank You Note.” Also be sure to check out the other great video clips!