CDI Reflection: Katie Crow

I realized early on, when I asked my parents to help me create my first resume when I was applying for college and they looked back at me with confused, blank faces, that I was going to have to go solo in my professional development. This was an area that I could not rely on my parents anymore, because the industries they worked were so different from the ones that interested me. I fumbled through my first part-time job applications and networking events with very little grace, not quite knowing how to comport myself in professional situations, because it was nothing that I had ever been taught in school before.

Come the end of my junior year, I was beginning to feel incredibly anxious about the future, because I still felt as though I didn’t know the first thing about finding and obtaining a career. So I resolved to use my senior year to really focus on and hone my professional development. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it’s this. I learn best when I have to teach others. Therefore, applying for the Career Development Internship program was the most logical choice to build my business skills.

By coaching other students during Walk-Ins and Career Center events, I’ve become more confident in my own business professionalism. Through the many resume critiques, I’ve noticed common pitfalls and have avoided them in order to create the most attractive resume possible. By giving advice to seniors about how to act during the Career Fair, I was able to work my way confidently to all of my companies of interest without breaking a sweat. And by going over common interview questions and situations with students, I was able to give very polished answers during my own interviews, to the point where one of the interviewers paused the interview to praise me for my “natural leadership skills” and said that he sincerely hoped I would consider working there, because he saw a lot of potential in me.

And I say these things not to brag, but to give credit where credit is due. This year, I received several generous job offers, and I have a job that I love immediately after graduation. And I firmly believe it’s because of my internship at the Career Center. Because they trained me in business professionalism skills, because they provided a nurturing and supportive environment through the job application process, and because I was able to apply my career-related knowledge every day by working with students. I highly recommend this internship to everyone, especially those who, like me, want to enhance their own professional development.

Want to learn more about the internship? Find more information here.

Procrastination (and the Instant Gratification Monkey)

Instant Gratification

We have less than half of the semester yet. Have you been meeting all of the goals you’ve set out at the beginning of the year? For a fortunate few, you probably have, and that deserves a high five. For many, however, (including myself) there have probably been a good number of your goals that have fallen through the cracks. Such as getting started on your final research paper before Spring Break, or researching a certain number of companies per week to narrow down your job and career search.

Procrastination is inevitable, and sometimes a good amount of it can be healthy. It allows our minds to de-stress and recharge when trying to wade through a large, cumbersome task. But, as we all have come to understand at some point in time, it can be pretty harmful to our long-term goals if we don’t understand how to control it.

Of all of the advice on procrastination and how to beat it, the simplest but most effective article I have ever read was about the Instant Gratification Monkey. It’s a fantastic, two-part article complete with lovely snark and childish cartoons that look like they were drawn in Paint (and probably were.) So put away that Trivia Crack, pause your youtube video, and put your procrastination to a better use by reading this helpful guide, and then get back on the track to your career planning and academic success.

You can find the links to the Procrastination article below.

Part One: Why We Procrastinate?

Part Two: How to Beat Procrastination

CDI Reflection: Briana Rogers

My experience as a Career Development Intern has been nothing short of amazing and has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve always loved working with other students, but working with them pertaining to such a seemingly serious matter was bit scary at first. The thought of giving students wrong advice or overlooking something on a resume that could possibly prevent them from getting offered a position terrified me. I felt that the responsibilities that came with being a CDI was a little much and I didn’t think that I was ready. However, today I can honestly say that I’m so glad that I was offered such an amazing opportunity. Saying that I love my job is an understatement! Being a CDI has taught me so many different things about myself, other people, and professionalism that I know will not only help me in the office, but in life overall. I am now much better at time management, planning, and working and communicating effectively with others. Most importantly, my level of overall professionalism has skyrocketed!

I have the unique opportunity to help other students develop their career development skills while developing mine. Everyday I learn something new, which is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a CDI. Another favorite of mine is being surrounded by such a wonderful staff and team. In my opinion, the staff is what makes the Career Center an amazing place to be! Everyone is so knowledgeable, supportive, and always willing to help. Brittany is honestly probably the best boss in the world and the CDI team is probably the best team ever! Working with them has been a pleasure and although Sierra and Kate won’t be with us next year, I’m looking forward to another year of AWESOMENESS! Working as a CDI is a continuous learning experience that is very beneficial and very fun. I highly encourage anyone who has a passion to help students and a desire to brush up on their own professional skills to APPLY! Oh yea, and did I mention it’s paid, so why wouldn’t you? I promise you won’t regret it.


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