How to Get Your Dream Job

Graduation is almost upon us for our December grads. Have you been able to land yourself a job that you’re satisfied with? If not, it’s okay. According a survey, most millennials are going to spend a majority of their first few years job hopping. The survey estimated that over 91% of millennials wouldn’t stay at their first couple of jobs for more than three years.

While it’s not necessary to go into panic mode yet if your current job placement is less than ideal, check out this fun video from How to Adult. It lists some tips about putting yourself in the right position to eventually snag that “dream job.”

Check out their YouTube Channel for more videos about personal finances, job hunting, and general life hacks that current students and upcoming grads will find extremely helpful

Considering International Summer Plans?


Now is the best time to start planning how you’re going to use your summer to your advantage. There are many options for things to do over the summer, from taking summer courses to getting an internship, but have you considered spending your summer in another country?

More and more, employers are reporting that having any international experience or language fluency gives applicants an edge during the interview process. For more resources on international study or work abroad programs, check out the Office of International Education’s website, or set up an appointment with one of their advisers.

Also, if cultural immersion is in your near future, check out this helpful article on how to maximize your time abroad and make it relevant to your job searches.

Get Familiar With Informational Interviewing!

Interview meeting at cafe.

I know that I’m probably late, but a few weeks ago a good friend of mine introduced me to something called informational interviewing. I knew that talking to people about jobs was of course a “thing”, but I didn’t know there was an actual name for it and a correct way to do it. For those of you who were like me and don’t really have an idea what I’m walking about, this post is for you.

An informational interview is a meeting between you and someone who has the knowledge and experience to provide you with valuable information on a job you are interested in obtaining or a company you are interested in working for. It is a great way to get information about a desired position or company without having to go through a formal interview. You want to get as much information as possible while impressing the person who you’re “interviewing” with. Although they may not be a key decision maker in the hiring process, they can sure put in a good word! Landing an informational interview may take a little work, but is very beneficial most of the time.

You want to start by figuring out who you want  to talk to. That person is usually someone who is or has been in the role that you are currently looking to obtain. Next, you want to figure out what is the best way to make initial contact with them. Most of the time, LinkedIn will do the trick. Just a side note, look for UGA alumni. Most of them are very willing and excited to talk with and help out students. Once you reach out to your person asking them for an interview, it’s time to start preparing. Research them and the company; have a game plan and good key questions to ask. Last but not least, remember to express gratitude! Informational interviews aren’t necessary, they’re just helpful. Below is a link to an article that describes informational interviewing in more depth and gives a few more tips and tricks. Enjoy!


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